Sunday, July 2, 2017

Thornock Visit Part 1: Arcade, Donuts, Waterslide and S'mores

So on Thursday night my best friend from college, Christie Thornock and her family drove over from Fort Worth to visit us. Christie and I have been friends since our freshman year of college and we talk on the phone everyday, typically more than once a day. We can talk for hours about anything and nothing. It's actually a bit ridiculous. Anyways, we had visited them about three years ago after their last baby was born. I was still pregnant with Tucker at the time. So this time, they decided to come visit us. They got in late Thursday night after all the kids had gone to bed.
We had each day of their visit planned and jam packed with fun. On Friday morning we had a boat reserved at the marina for a day of fun, but we woke up to pouring rain. So sad!
So our boating was cancelled. We scrambled to make new plans. It was thundering like crazy and raining so anything outdoors was out. We decided on watching a movie at home and waiting out the rain.
After naps on Friday we drove over to Fayetteville and grabbed an early dinner at "Tacos 4 Life". I love "Tacos 4 Life" and I was excited to share this love with everyone. Dinner was delicious and everyone loved it.
Group shot- everyone loved the queso and tacos!
After dinner we went to the nickel arcade to play. 
We had a great time playing all the old games.
Tanner and Chris had so much fun together. Tanner really loved the Star Wars games and Pac-Man. 
I loved the old school donkey kong games. This place is called "Retro Arkadia" and it's such a blast.
You just pay a flat fee and then all the games are free and you can play as long as you want.

We lasted about 2 hours. So much fun!
How cute are these matching three year olds. 
Olli and Benson are 6 months apart in age and they are so cute!
Here's the big group (minus Benson) all together outside the arcade. 

After the arcade, we drove over to "Hurt's Donuts" and let the kids pick out their favorite.
Hurt's just opened last month and they are super popular. They are open 24 hours and they have outrageous donuts. They are decorated and frosted in the funnest ways!
This one is called "Cosmic Brownie". It's basically sugar on sugar on sugar and the kids love them!
 here is our Hurt's crew
On Saturday morning we drove over to Roaring Rivers in MO and went to Beebe's Waterslide. 
It's this redneck water slide built into the hillside and it's so fun. 
You pay for an hour and you slide all you want during that hour. Honestly, an hour was plenty for us. I was worn out after an hour of sliding and then hiking back up the hill to the top of the slide. 
We had a great time. And our Fuhriman friends met us all there. I was excited to introduce Christie and Jessica. I love them both and knew they would hit it off. 
Tucker and Chris went down together for a while. 
Chris went down alone too. It was so fun.

I couldn't go down while Chris was sliding, because I was holding Benson, So Jessica took Bailey down with her and Tommy. 

Eventually even Bailey went down all by herself. 

Tanner didn't need help. He went down all by himself. He loved it. He probably did the slide more than any of us. He was worn out by the end. 

We attempted to go down as a group, but Tanner got ahead of us and we couldn't catch up, so just Bailey, Chris and I went down together. 
I love this boy. He had so much fun 
Thornock and Herb kids enjoying their lunches after the slide. 
And here is the entire crew of kids - even Benson made the cut. 
I just love these kids. 
After the slide and eating our picnic lunch, we stopped by "Shortstop Grill" on the way home. Shortstop has the giant ice cream cones and the kids were pretty excited to go there again. 

Look at all those happy ice cream faces!
After ice cream, we drove home and the kids played together while we got cleaned up.
Saturday night Christie and I went out together. We did a little shopping and grabbed dinner at "Bonefish Grill". We talked and shopped all night and had so much fun being kid-free.
We were supposed to have a girls trip this year, but with me being pregnant and having a newborn, it just didn't work out. So we tried to make the most of our one night out alone. 

Sunday morning we went to church. We have 9 am church and we had to get there early to get a big enough bench to fit us all. We made it and went to all three hours of church. After getting home  and feeding everyone lunch, we all took naps.We were all worn out from the waterslide.  Christie enjoyed lots of snuggles with Benny. They are done having kids too so she was happy to get lots of time with a newborn. 
Sunday night we grilled burgers and hotdogs and then the kids roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. 

We have real roasting sticks, but the kids preferred these sticks. lol. 
Benson just enjoyed some outdoor time with Daddy. 
Then we realized a storm was rolling in, so we rushed off to take Christie's family pictures. It started pouring as soon as we finished and we were very lucky. 
After kids went to bed, we watched some tv and chatted.

Stay tuned for the rest of their visit!

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