Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Last Day of Homeschooling!

Today we celebrated our last day of school. We actually finished a couple weeks ago but we've been doing a little bit here and there to keep our skills sharp.
But today we officially celebrated the start of summer. 
We had a snow cone themed party and celebrated "SNOW MORE SCHOOL"

These kids all worked hard this year. Homeschooling was no picnic but they worked hard each day and we complete our entire curriculum. We really did enjoy a lot of things about homeschooling. We loved the freedom to go at our own pace. We loved the freedom to learn what we wanted for science and history. We loved our curriculum and we loved getting to do "field trips" together. The hardest part was the always being at home together part. There was a lot of together time and that was both awesome and hard. 
But I really am proud of how hard these kids worked. We did it! We finished a whole year of homeschooling!! I'm actually proud of all of us!


We had a few friends over to celebrate with us. We haven't had friends over in over a year so this was a rare treat. 
The kids loved getting to play and hang out with other kids. Here's to summer, lower covid  cases and more fun!

Summer, we are ready for you!


Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Bailey's 4th Grade Graduation

Today we celebrate Bailey's 4th Grade graduation. I'm so proud of this girl. I'm sorry she didn't get to have her big graduation program like she would have had, pre-covid,
 but we tried to make her feel special. 
She was pretty thrilled with her celebration. 

This sweet girl rocked homeschooling and she learned so much. She is off to middle school next year and she can't wait. 

We had "diploma cookies", "graduation cap chocolates" and "celebration cupcakes". 
Bailey loved all the treats and felt very special. 

We sure love our Bailey girl. She's our favorite girl in the world. 
Happy 4th grade graduation sweet girl!


Monday, May 10, 2021

Chris' 42nd Birthday

This wonderful man turned 42 today. 42 years of life on this earth and I've been privileged to know him for 16 of those years. He's the hardest worker, a constant server, loving husband and a fun dad. 
We are so grateful to have him in our world. 
We got to go out for dinner together and we found a nice Italian Steakhouse in Fayetteville for dinner. It was delicious and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 

Then we went home for cake and presents with the kids. 
I made him his favorite cake, pineapple upside down cake and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Happy Birthday to our favorite guy! We sure love you!


Sunday, May 9, 2021

Mother's Day

I can honestly say, this was maybe my best Mother's day ever. I'm definitely been through a lot, emotionally and mentally in the last year. But I'm feeling much better and I'm much happier. 
I feel relaxed and more content than I have in a long time. 
These kids and their dad spoiled me. We enjoyed some snuggles, yummy food and quality time. 
Every year I make a big deal about getting the perfect mother's day picture with my kids. 
This picture might be my favorite. It's real life. Just snuggling in bed with my babies. And that fact that I love this picture and I'm content with this picture should speak volumes about my state of mind. I feel like I've come a long way and I'm so happy about the progress I've made through therapy and medication.
I'm so grateful that I get to be a mom. While I recognize motherhood is very difficult, I'm practicing looking for the good and also letting go of things that aren't in my control. 
 Happy Mother's day. I'm so grateful for all the moms in my life. I've had so many great examples of motherhood, sacrifice and charity and I'm so very grateful. 
Happy Mothers to all the moms out there!

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Fun in the Month of May

This month has been full of fun and we are here for it! 
We started off the month of May with our traditional celebration of "Star Wars Day" on May the 4th. 
This year we had someone special join us from a different galaxy far, far away. 
Benson did not want to change into his star wars costume, so we went with Buzz Lightyear. 
I was cracking up. I think this is more proof that my anxiety medication is working- "Old Emily" would never have let this go. 
We did a padawan popcorn bar and watched a Star Wars movie. Those never get old. 

Later that week we packed up the kids and drove up to Branson to spend the day at Silver Dollar City. It wasn't busy at all and the weather was perfect. We had a great time. 
We started off our day getting treats- monster chocolate chip cookies and huge cinnamon rolls never get old. 
Tanner and Bailey immediately wanted to ride "Thunderation". 
While the older kids rode the rollercoasters, I took the younger two down to the frogs and ladybugs

Then Dad and the bigger kids joined us and they all rode some rides together. 

I sure love these kiddos. 

Next I took all the kids on the little roller coaster. Benson was so brave and he came too. 
Bailey rode in the very front all by herself. She's a rockstar. 
We also rode the teacups. Our family is too large to fit in one teacup now, so we had to split up. I got to ride with these cute boys!
We always love to ride "the flooded mine". I love watching the boys compete to see who can shoot the most targets. It's always a fun ride. 

We had a wonderful time together and played until we had to head home so I could work Rhea Lana. 
It was so much fun. I love that our kids are getting older and we can do more stuff together. 

The next night we went camping with the Drake cousins. 
It was a bit crazy but we had  fun. It kept raining on and off all night. But we still made the most of it. 
Benson really enjoyed roasting hot dogs. 

Happily our new tent held up great in the rain. We got rained on during the night and again the next morning, but thanks to our tent we stayed nice and dry. We love our new tent. It's big and roomy and waterproof. We can't wait to use it again. 

After making a delicious breakfast, we went to play at the playground. 

Then we went back to camp and just relaxed in the hammocks. Hammocks were a huge hit. I could definitely get use to hammocking and reading a nice book. 

Because we got rained on the night before, we decided to roast marshmallows and smores in the afternoon. 

Then it was back to the playground again. The kids had a lot of fun playing "fish out of water" and hanging out together. We cant wait to go camping again. 

That's it for now, but there is more fun ahead. School is almost over, Dad's and Benson's birthdays are coming and we are going to have the Allreds over soon. Stay tuned.